Workflow Steps: Formulation and Sampling#

The two main steps of solving problems on quantum computers are:

  1. Formulate your problem as an objective function

    Objective (cost) functions are mathematical expressions of the problem to be optimized; for quantum computing, these are models (e.g., quadratic models[1]) that have lowest values (energy) for good solutions to the problems they represent.

  2. Find good solutions by sampling

    Samplers are processes that sample from low-energy states of objective functions. Find good solutions by submitting your model to one of a variety of Ocean’s quantum, classical, and hybrid quantum-classical samplers.


Solution steps: (1) a problem known in “problem space” (a circuit of Boolean gates, a graph, a network, etc) is formulated as a model, mathematically or using Ocean functionality, and (2) the model is sampled for solutions.#