Dict of information about the SampleSet as a whole.


This example shows the type of information that might be returned by a dimod sampler by submitting a BQM that sets a value on a D-Wave system’s first listed coupler.

>>> from dwave.system import DWaveSampler    # doctest: +SKIP
>>> sampler = DWaveSampler()    # doctest: +SKIP
>>> bqm = dimod.BQM({}, {sampler.edgelist[0]: -1}, 0, dimod.SPIN)   # doctest: +SKIP
>>> sampler.sample(bqm).info   # doctest: +SKIP
{'timing': {'qpu_sampling_time': 315,
 'qpu_anneal_time_per_sample': 20,
 'qpu_readout_time_per_sample': 274,
 # Snipped above response for brevity