busgraph_cache.find_biclique_embedding(nn, mm)

Returns a biclique embedding, minimizing the maximum chain length given its size.

This will compute the entire biclique cache if it is missing from the filesystem.

  • nn (int/iterable) – A number (indicating the size of one side of the desired biclique) or an iterable (specifying the node labels of one side the desired biclique).

  • mm (int/iterable) – Same as nn, for the other side of the desired biclique.

In the case that nn is a number, the first side will have nodes labeled from range(nn). In the case that mm is a number, the second side will have nodes labeled from range(n, n + mm); where n is either nn or len(nn).


An embedding of node labels (described above) mapped to chains of a biclique embedding.

Return type