Class find_embedding::pathfinder_base#

template<typename embedding_problem_t>
class pathfinder_base : public find_embedding::pathfinder_public_interface#

Subclassed by find_embedding::pathfinder_parallel< embedding_problem_t >, find_embedding::pathfinder_serial< embedding_problem_t >

Public Functions

inline virtual void set_initial_chains(map<int, vector<int>> chains) override#

setter for the initial_chains parameter

inline bool check_improvement(const embedding_t &emb)#

nonzero return if this is an improvement on our previous best embedding

inline virtual const chain &get_chain(int u) const override#

chain accessor

inline virtual int heuristicEmbedding() override#

perform the heuristic embedding, returning 1 if an embedding was found and 0 otherwise