Class find_embedding::output_handler

template<bool verbose>
class find_embedding::output_handler

Output handlers are used to control output.

We provide two handlers one which only reports all errors (and optimizes away all other output) and another which provides full output. When verbose is zero, we recommend the errors-only handler and otherwise, the full handler Here’s the full output handler

Subclassed by find_embedding::embedding_problem< fixed_handler, domain_handler, output_handler >

Public Functions

template<typename ...Args>
void error(const char *format, Args... args) const

printf regardless of the verbosity level

template<typename ...Args>
void major_info(const char *format, Args... args) const

printf at the major_info verbosity level

template<typename ...Args>
void minor_info(const char *format, Args... args) const

print at the minor_info verbosity level

template<typename ...Args>
void extra_info(const char *format, Args... args) const

print at the extra_info verbosity level

template<typename ...Args>
void debug(const char*, Args...) const

print at the debug verbosity level (only works when CPPDEBUG is set)