Timing information about a solver operation.

Mapping from string keys to numeric values representing timing details for a submitted job as returned from the remote resource. Keys are dependant on the particular solver.

First calls to access data of a Future object are blocking; subsequent access to this property is non-blocking.

Returns:Mapping from string keys to numeric values representing timing information.
Return type:dict


This example creates a client using the local system’s default D-Wave Cloud Client configuration file, which is configured to access a D-Wave 2000Q QPU, submits a simple Ising problem (opposite linear biases on two coupled qubits) for 5 samples, and prints timing information for the job.

>>> from dwave.cloud import Client
>>> with Client.from_config() as client:      # doctest: +SKIP
...     solver = client.get_solver()
...     u, v = next(iter(solver.edges))
...     computation = solver.sample_ising({u: -1, v: 1},{}, num_reads=5)
...     print(computation.timing)
{'total_real_time': 10961, 'anneal_time_per_run': 20, ...}