exception ConfigFileError[source]

Base exception for all config file processing errors.

exception ConfigFileReadError[source]

Non-existing or unreadable config file specified or implied.

exception ConfigFileParseError[source]

Invalid format of config file.

exception SAPIError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Generic SAPI error base class.

exception ResourceAuthenticationError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Access to resource not authorized.

exception ResourceNotFoundError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Resource not found.

exception SolverError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Generic base class for all solver-related errors.

exception ProblemError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Generic base class for all problem-related errors.

exception SolverFailureError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An exception raised when there is a remote failure calling a solver.

exception SolverNotFoundError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Solver with matching feature set not found / not available.

exception ProblemNotFoundError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Problem not found.

exception SolverOfflineError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Action attempted on an offline solver.

exception SolverAuthenticationError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An exception raised when there is an authentication error.

exception UnsupportedSolverError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The solver we received from the API is not supported by the client.

exception SolverPropertyMissingError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The solver we received from the API does not have required properties.

exception Timeout[source]

General timeout error.

exception RequestTimeout[source]

REST API request timed out.

exception PollingTimeout[source]

Problem polling timed out.

exception CanceledFutureError[source]

An exception raised when code tries to read from a canceled future.

exception InvalidAPIResponseError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Raised when an invalid/unexpected response from D-Wave Solver API is received.

exception InvalidProblemError[source]

Solver cannot handle the given binary quadratic model.

exception ProblemUploadError[source]

Problem multipart upload failed.