show(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Auto-detect and forward to the show_* optimal for the specified arguments.

For description of accepted arguments, see of show_qmi(), show_bqm_response(), or show_bqm_sampleset().


Low-level data capture is enabled on dwave.inspector import. Data captured includes the full quantum machine instruction (QMI), QPU response, embedding context, warnings, and sampling parameters.

If data capture is enabled prior to embedding/sampling, you need provide to show() only a response or problem ID for QMI inspection or a SampleSet for logical problem and QMI inspection.

If data capture is not enabled prior to embedding/sampling, provide all relevant data explicitly to show().


This example shows ways to visualize just a QMI (not a logical problem):

show((h, J), response)
show(Q, response)

This example visualizes a QMI and explicit embedding:

show((h, J), response, dict(embedding=embedding, chain_strength=5))

This example shows embedding and warnings read from the sampleset:

show(bqm, sampleset)

This example shows embedding and warnings read from a SampleSet, from which the logical problem is reconstructed: