assert_sampleset_energies(sampleset, bqm, precision=7)[source]#

Assert that each sample in the given sample set has the correct energy.

  • sampleset (SampleSet) – Sample set as returned by a dimod sampler.

  • bqm (BinaryQuadraticModel/BinaryPolynomial) – The binary quadratic model (BQM) or binary polynomial used to generate the samples.

  • precision (int, optional, default=7) – Equality of energy is tested by calculating the difference between the response’s sample energy and that returned by BQM’s energy(), rounding to the closest multiple of 10 to the power of minus precision.

  • AssertionError – If any of the samples in the sample set do not match

  • their associated energy.


>>> import dimod.testing
>>> sampler = dimod.ExactSolver()
>>> bqm = dimod.BinaryQuadraticModel.from_ising({}, {(0, 1): -1})
>>> sampleset = sampler.sample(bqm)
>>> dimod.testing.assert_response_energies(sampleset, bqm)