exception BinaryQuadraticModelSizeError[source]#

Raised when the binary quadratic model has too many variables

exception BinaryQuadraticModelStructureError[source]#

Raised when the binary quadratic model does not fit the sampler

exception BinaryQuadraticModelValueError[source]#

Raised when a sampler cannot handle a specified binary quadratic model

exception InfeasibileModelError[source]#

Raised when a model is known to be infeasible.

exception InvalidComposition[source]#

Raised for compositions of samplers that are invalid

exception InvalidSampler[source]#

Raised when trying to use the specified sampler as a sampler

exception MappingError[source]#

Raised when mapping causes conflicting values in samples

exception SamplerUnknownArgWarning[source]#

Raised when trying to pass in an unknown argument to the sampler.

exception WriteableError[source]#

Raised when trying to modify an immutable object.