chimera_anticluster(m: int, n: int | None = None, t: int = 4, multiplier: float = 3, cls: None = None, subgraph: int | Tuple[Collection[Hashable], Collection[Tuple[Hashable, Hashable]]] | Collection[Tuple[Hashable, Hashable]] | Graph = None, seed: None | int = None) BinaryQuadraticModel[source]#

Generate an anticluster problem on a Chimera lattice.

An anticluster problem has weak interactions within a tile and strong interactions between tiles.

  • m – Number of rows in the Chimera lattice.

  • n – Number of columns in the Chimera lattice. Defaults to m.

  • t – Size of the shore within each Chimera tile.

  • multiplier – Strength of the inter-tile edges.

  • cls – Deprecated. Does nothing.

  • subgraph – A subgraph of the specified Chimera(m, n, t) graph to build the anticluster problem on. Can be used to remove nodes and edges.

  • seed – Random seed.


A binary quadratic model.

Deprecated since version 0.10.6: The cls keyword argument will be removed in 0.12.0. It currently does nothing.