Command Line Interface

Use the following command with its options to run qbsolv from a terminal.

qbsolv -i infile [-o outfile] [-m] [-T] [-n] [-S SubMatrix] [-w]
    [-h] [-a algorithm] [-v verbosityLevel] [-V] [-q] [-t seconds]


qbsolv executes a quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) problem represented in a file. It returns bit-vector results that minimizes—or optionally, maximizes—the value of the objective function represented by the QUBO. The problem is represented in QUBO(5) file format.

The QUBO input problem is not limited to the graph size or connectivity of a sampler, for example the D-Wave system.

Options are as follows:

-i infile
    Name of the file for the input QUBO. This option is mandatory.
-o outfile
    Optional output filename.
    Default is the standard output.
-a algorithm
    Optional selection for the outer loop algorithm.  Default is o.
    'o' for original qbsolv method. Submatrix based upon change in energy.
    'p' for path relinking.  Submatrix based upon differences of solutions
    Optional selection of finding the maximum instead of the minimum.
-T target
    Optional argument target value of the objective function. Stops execution when found.
-t timeout
    Optional timeout value. Stops execution when the elapsed CPU time equals or
    exceeds it. Timeout is only checked after completion of the main
    loop. Other halt values such as 'target' and 'repeats' halt before 'timeout'.
    Default value is 2592000.0.
-n repeats
    Optional number of times the main loop of the algorithm is repeated with
    no change in optimal value found before stopping.
    Default value is 50.
-S subproblemSize
    Optional size of the sub-problems into which the QUBO is decomposed.
    If no "-S 0" or "-S" argument is present, uses the size specified in the
    embedding file found in the workspace set up by DW. If no DW environment is
    established, value defaults to 47 and uses the tabu solver on subproblems.
    If a value is specified, subproblems based on that size are solved with the
    tabu solver.
    If present, the QUBO matrix and result are printed in .csv format.
    If present, prints the help or usage message for qbsolv and exits without execution.
-v verbosityLevel
    Optional setting of the verbosity of output. The default verbosityLevel of
    0 outputs the number of bits in the solution, the solution,
    and the energy of the solution.  A verbosityLevel of 1 outputs the same
    information for multiple solutions, if found. A verbosityLevel of 2
    also outputs more detailed information at each step of the algorithm. The
    information increases for verbosity levels of up to 4.
    If present, prints the version number of the qbsolv program and exits without execution.
    If present, prints the format of the QUBO file.
-r seed
    Used to reset the seed for the random number generation.