Determines whether the given set of edges is a matching.

A matching is a subset of edges in which no node occurs more than once.

Parameters:edges (iterable) – A iterable of edges.
Returns:is_matching – True if the given edges are a matching.
Return type:bool


This example checks two sets of edges, both derived from a single Chimera unit cell, for a matching. Because every node in a Chimera unit cell connects to four other nodes in the cell, the first set, which contains all the edges, repeats each node 4 times; the second is a subset of those edges found using the min_maximal_matching() function.

>>> import dwave_networkx as dnx
>>> G = dnx.chimera_graph(1, 1, 4)
>>> dnx.is_matching(G.edges())
>>> dnx.is_matching({(0, 4), (1, 5), (2, 7), (3, 6)})