D-Wave NetworkX

D-Wave NetworkX is an extension of NetworkX—a Python language package for exploration and analysis of networks and network algorithms—for users of D-Wave Systems. It provides tools for working with Chimera graphs and implementations of graph-theory algorithms on the D-Wave system and other binary quadratic model samplers.

The example below generates a graph for a Chimera unit cell (eight nodes in a 4-by-2 bipartite architecture).

>>> import dwave_networkx as dnx
>>> graph = dnx.chimera_graph(1, 1, 4)

See the documentation for more examples.


Installation from PyPi:

pip install dwave_networkx

Installation from source:

pip install -r requirements.txt
python setup.py install


Released under the Apache License 2.0.


Ocean’s contributing guide has guidelines for contributing to Ocean packages.


Date:Mar 20, 2023


This documentation is for the latest version of dwave-networkx. Documentation for the version currently installed by dwave-ocean-sdk is here: dwave-networkx.