DWaveCliqueSampler.sample(bqm, chain_strength=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Sample from the specified binary quadratic model.

  • bqm (BinaryQuadraticModel) – Any binary quadratic model with up to largest_clique_size variables. This BQM is embedded using a clique embedding.

  • chain_strength (float/mapping/callable, optional) – Sets the coupling strength between qubits representing variables that form a chain. Mappings should specify the required chain strength for each variable. Callables should accept the BQM and embedding and return a float or mapping. By default, chain_strength is calculated with uniform_torque_compensation().

  • **kwargs – Optional keyword arguments for the sampling method, specified per solver in parameters. D-Wave System Documentation’s solver guide describes the parameters and properties supported on the D-Wave system. Note that auto_scale is not supported by this sampler, because it scales the problem as part of the embedding process.


Sample set constructed from a (non-blocking) Future-like object.

Return type: