Release Notes


New Features

  • Build wheels for Python 3.11

Upgrade Notes

  • Change the default value of the TreeDecompositionSampler.sample() beta keyword argument to 1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix greedy and simulated annealing performance in wheels compiled for linux aarch64 systems.

  • Fix the energy in sample sets returned by PlanarGraphSolver.

  • Fix several errors and inconsistencies in the calculation of the simulated annealing algorithm’s beta schedule. Note that for very small problems this may result in slower execution, because the schedule no longer does a discretization of 1000 sweeps at each beta. See dwavesystems/dwave-neal#91.


New Features

  • Add PlanarGraphSolver, an exact solver for planar Ising problems with no linear biases.


Bug Fixes

  • Allow num_sweeps=0 for simulated annealing. This was incorrectly disabled in 1.0.0.dev0.



D-Wave Samplers combines the samplers from dwave-greedy, dwave-neal, and dwave-tabu.

New Features

  • Add TreeDecompositionSampler and TreeDecompositionSolver which solve/sample low treewidth problems.

  • Add RandomSampler which generates samples randomly.