Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support for Zephyr topology.


New Features

  • Add support for (serialization of) NumPy types used anywhere in the inspector data served from the Inspector web server (Flask app).

Bug Fixes

  • Use of embeddings with NumPy types was not previously possible. Now it is, having #127 fixed.


New Features

  • Support opening of external visualizer links when running in vscode-based Leap IDE’s Simple Browser (dwave-inspectorapp#97).



We began using Reno as a changelog tool after the release of 0.2.7. Content added before that release is not included. See releases for previous release notes.

New Features

  • Begin using reno for changelog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix problem data construction in from_qmi_response adapter for quadratic biases given as dimod.TermsView (previous dimod.BQMView). See #123.

  • Tests fixed to work with the latest multi-region cloud-client and dwave-system (Ocean 4.2). See #120.