LeapHybridNLSampler.sample(model: Model, time_limit: float | None = None, **kwargs) concurrent.futures.Future[SampleResult][source]#

Sample from the specified nonlinear model.

  • model (Model) – Nonlinear model.

  • time_limit (float, optional) –

    Maximum runtime, in seconds, the solver should work on the problem. Should be at least the estimated minimum required for the problem, which is calculated and set by default.

    estimated_min_time_limit() estimates the minimum time for your problem. For time_limit values shorter than the estimated minimum, runtime (and charge time) is not guaranteed to be shorter than the estimated time.

  • **kwargs – Optional keyword arguments for the solver, specified in parameters.


Named tuple containing nonlinear model and timing info, in a Future.

Return type:

Future [SampleResult]