dwave-hybrid provides a framework for iterating arbitrary-sized sets of samples through parallel solvers to find an optimal solution.

For the documentation of a particular code element, see the Reference Documentation section. This introduction gives an overview of the package; steps you through using it, starting with running a provided hybrid solver that handles arbitrary-sized QUBOs; and points out the way to developing your own components in the framework.

  • Overview presents the framework and explains key concepts.

  • Using the Framework shows how to use the framework. You can quickly get started by using a provided reference sampler built with this framework, Kerberos, to solve a problem too large to minor-embed on a D-Wave system. Next, use the framework to build (hybrid) workflows; for example, a solver similar to qbsolv, which can employ tabu search on a whole problem while submitting parts of the problem to a D-Wave system.

  • Developing New Components guides you to developing your own hybrid components.

  • Reference Examples describes some workflow examples included in the code.