static StructuredSolver.reformat_parameters(vartype: _Vartype, parameters: MutableMapping[str, Any], properties: Mapping[str, Any], inplace: bool = False) MutableMapping[str, Any][source]#

Reformat some solver parameters for SAPI.

Currently the only reformatted parameter is initial_state. This method allows initial_state to be submitted as a dictionary mapping the qubits to their initial value.

  • vartype – One of 'ising' or 'qubo'. If dimod is installed, this can also be any VartypeLike.

  • parameters – The parameters to submit to this solver.

  • properties – The solver’s properties. Either StructuredSolver.properties or dwave.systems.DWaveSampler.properties can be provided.

  • inplace – Whether to modify the parameters in-place or return a copy.


The reformatted solver parameters. If inplace is true the modified parameters is returned. If inplace is false then a deep copy of parameters with the relevant fields updated is returned.